Why You Should Transfer Your Site From HTML To WordPress Now

transfer html to wordpress

HTML websites have been around much longer than WordPress websites but the latter has gained more popularity than the former for certain reasons. The most important reason is low cost. Not many website owners like to go through hundreds of lines of codes. It is not fun at all. But that is how HTML websites are managed. 

The implication is that for each time you want to edit, modify or update anything on your HTML website, you will need to pay developers. And we all know that developers don’t come cheap. As someone who owns several websites, I can tell you that nothing is as fulfilling as having full control of my websites. Nothing makes me happy like being able to edit and modify any of my websites without paying a dime to any developer. This is what WordPress has offered me and this is the main reason its popularity has surpassed that of HTML. Like I said earlier, I have several websites that I update and modify regularly, imagine how much I would have been paying developers if they were HTML websites.

Apart from low maintenance cost, WordPress offers several other advantages over HTML, some of which are already discussed below. That is why once you decide to transfer HTML to WordPress, you will never go back to HTML sites again.

1. WordPress Is Easier To Use

All the improvements in technology are geared towards one thing – convenience or ease of use. WordPress is not an exception. It offers so much ease of use. I don’t have to write boring lines of codes to add a new page, a new image or even a new blog post. It is very easy with WordPress.

Apart from the difficulty in writing codes, what about the time I will spend? But with WordPress, in less than twenty minutes I am through with my modifications. Your developer may tell you otherwise. In fact, website developers hate WordPress with a passion. You should know why. WordPress has taken over their jobs.

2. It Is Browser-Based

Another major advantage is that you can manage your WordPress site from any computer provided it has Internet connection. This is because it is browser-based. You can’t remotely modify your HTML site. You have to use the PC where the HTML codes are housed. This is a big one for me because I am constantly on the road. I travel regularly and I constantly update my websites. This was one of my challenges until I decided to transfer HTML to WordPress.

3. No Additional Software Is Required

If you still do not transfer your HTML sites to WordPress, you may have to install additional software or applications like Dreamweaver or Adobe Contribute each time you want to upload or edit certain images or videos. Apart from the fact that installation takes additional time and effort, the applications also cost money. Why would you go through all that when WordPress is complete and requires no third party application? This is why when I see people using HTML websites, I look at them like they are still using “Microsoft Windows XP”.

4. Total Control Of Your Website

WordPress gives you total control over your websites. You can implement whatever you conceive at your own convenient time. You will not have your web developer come to tell you that it is not possible and suggest the closest alternative to you. And most developers would rather give you what is easy for them to implement in the name of “your ideas cannot work”. The worst part is that you will still pay them for imposing their ideas on you. I have been talked out of certain ideas by developers several years ago when I was using HTML websites. I just began to implement those ideas last year when I moved over to WordPress.

5. Unlimited Scalability

With WordPress, you can continue to develop your website as your business grows. Details of new services and products can be added to your website with ease all by yourself without writing any line of codes and without hiring any web developer. Scalability also involves being able to add additional functionality like integrating Facebook Fan Box, Twitter Feed, Event Calendar and more to your site all by yourself. This is possible with WordPress plug-ins.

You can add unlimited number of pages to your website without reducing the performance of your site all on your own and you can remove obsolete pages without paying anybody a dime. Sometimes when you want to upgrade or update your website to accommodate a new business, your developer will make you see reasons for having a new website for the new business to enable them charge you even more. How does it feel to pay through your nose for a service you really do not need? Double rip-off!

6. You Are The Administrator Of Your Website

WordPress automatically makes you the administrator of your website and as such, you have the power to grant different levels of access to different users based on your preference. But for HTML websites, your developer is the administrator and you can’t restrict his access because whatever you need to do will have to pass through him.

7. WordPress Offers An already Built-In Blog

Since WordPress was initially a blogging platform, it already has a built in blog capability that can be easily integrated to your site. HTML sites will not give you such option.

8. Search Engines Rate WordPress Sites Over HTML Sites

The codes behind WordPress are very simple and clean without much technical jargons. This is why search engines always list WordPress sites ahead of HTML sites. In other words, WordPress sites are SEO friendlier than HTML sites.


At this point, it is worthy of note that WordPress has many more advantages apart from the few discussed above. In fact, I have realized that the advantages of WordPress are infinite. You keep discovering more and more as you go deeper into the world of website building and managing. In conclusion, a good wine needs no bush. Just give WordPress a trial and you will never go back to HTML.