The #1 Reason Why You Should Migrate Your Site to WordPress

migrate a wordpress

While WordPress is often mistakenly associated solely with the blogging sphere, it has bloomed into a full-fledged content management system. While it is still, and often, used for blogging, WordPress can also be used in the process of editing and publishing your website content in a more complex way. If you have any kind of website, you should consider the many benefits of the WordPress system and why it may be in your best interest to migrate to WordPress.

Free and Open Source

While you will have to continue to pay your hosting fees for your website, the WordPress content managing system is completely free for use. It can be installed on your computer, and is available entirely to use for designing and editing your website with absolutely no fees. WordPress is an open source program, which means that the source code can be modified and edited by anyone who has knowledge of programming.

Because of the nature of open source material, WordPress is run by a community of individuals who enjoy programming and work together to create templates and continually improve the software. This not only benefits the software itself, but also the user, because the program is being maintained by people who enjoy using it.

Easy Importing Options

If you choose to migrate to WordPress, it may seem like a daunting and overwhelming task, especially if you have a site with a lot of content. However, WordPress has made that transition easy with the ability to import your existing content into your WordPress content manager. There are many tutorials online, and the WordPress content manager allows for you to automatically import your content from a number of other websites and content managers, as well as transfer HTML codes.

Since you will be moving your site to a new system, there will be some adjustments that may have to be made, such as design, layout and plugins. Site migration is also a good time to consider the content of your website, track down dead links, and make sure the functionality and relevancy of your site lives up to your expectations. Luckily, WordPress makes all of this very easy for new and seasoned webmasters alike.

Ease and Tutorials

WordPress offers a vast and appealing community of posts and tutorials that will help you during the migration and set up of your website. While new users can take advantage of the free blog set up that WordPress offers, existing webmasters have at their fingertips a multitude of useful tutorials and guides of how to install and use the content manager both on the WordPress site and on other websites. WordPress also boasts a helpful staff that is willing to help you with your migration, and an archive of questions and tutorials that will help you get the best out of your WordPress experience.

Great Customization Options

Whether or not you are fluent in code, WordPress offers everything to either maintain the current look of your website or make it look sleek and professional. There are thousands of layouts available that cater to every look from a normal blog to a photography portfolio and everything in between. If you aren’t happy with the current look of your website or you are not able to build an HTML code from scratch, you will be thrilled with the options available to you once you migrate to WordPress. The themes available are also easily customizable in their own right, allowing you to change colors, fonts, or add pictures, giving you the power to make your website entirely unique.

WordPress also supports plugins and widgets, allowing for further freedom in your website customization. You will be able to add links, micro blogging feeds, and any other information that your website needs. There are thousands of free plugins available, and the WordPress content manager allows you to download and install plugins to further enhance the functionality of your unique website.

Show Up in Search Engines

Often, it is easy to become disheartened with all of the white noise on the Internet, and fear that your website will become lost among the millions of others that exist. WordPress will help your website stand out with its search engine friendly nature. With the use of SEO plugins and detailed tutorials, you will be able to easily learn how to properly tag and add meta data to your posts and content so they show up in searches all over the world.

Freedom to Move Between Servers

Another great aspect of WordPress is the fact that the content manager will support whatever website server you choose to use. If you decide to change servers, you don’t have to worry about your website being lost or having to drastically change it. WordPress will allow you to keep your unique web address, look and content without having to sacrifice the server that you want or feel tied down to a server you are unhappy with.

The main reason WordPress is rising in popularity is because of its incredible capabilities and support. That is a perfect reason to finally make the choice and migrate your website to WordPress. An easy to use content manager, a wealth of customization options and thousands of themes and plugins will help you improve and maintain the functionality of your site. You will also find a supportive and informational community surrounding WordPress that will assist you in creating a website that will garner the attention it deserves.