6 Reasons To Switch Your Web Host Now

switch web hostYour web host is literally your window to the world. If you do not have the right web host that upholds the sanctity of your website for your customers, then it does not matter how great your site is. No one will be able to see it!

There is nothing worse than for a customer to believe in your business only to find a 404 screen when he or she needs you the most. This is definitely not something that you need happening to your company if you are trying to build an online business. Make sure that you switch to the right web hosting company for your needs. Use the criteria below as a guide as to what services you should be receiving. If you are not, then make the switch with no hesitation!

1. Your Bandwidth Usage Is Always Hitting The Maximum

If you are trying to build a business that is able to scale, then you need to be with a web host that understands your needs. You also need a web host that is able to physically handle the requirements of your audience. If your web host cannot do this, you have an immediate reason to switch.
When you have hit the top of the bandwidth usage for a particular web host, that host may try to trick you into staying by offering you other features or a lower rate. Do not be fooled. There is no substitute for having the total amount of resources necessary to run a site and handle the traffic.

2. You Are Getting Calls Complaining About Your Web Traffic

There are many shared web hosts that are doing just fine by hosting smaller sites without any business that is trying to scale. If you scale too much on one of these hosts, you may actually get complaints instead of congratulations.

These hosts are doing this because of their business model. You will not be able to argue with them; they either do not have the capacity to accommodate you or they are more than happy to do business with small sites and spread their bandwidth around. If you find that your web hosting company does not want you for any reason once you begin doing well, switch away from that web host immediately.

3. The Web Host Is Simply Unable To Meet Your Needs For Streaming or e-commerce

Business websites have completely different needs from other types of websites. The feature set that is commonplace for a site that does e-commerce would be complete overkill for a site that simply blogs or hosts ads. You must determine if the service that you are receiving is meant for a company like yours. If it is not, then you definitely need to move to the next web hosting company that will accommodate you more professionally.

4. You Cannot Get A Customer Service Rep On The Phone Within 24 Hours Of Having A Problem

No matter how great your web service may be, you will always run into different technical problems. This is just the nature of the beast and out of the hands of the web host in some cases. However, their response to the problems is completely within their control. Do they try to hide problems from you or do they tell you so that you can make the proper arrangements until the problem can be fixed?

The former behavior usually comes from web hosts that are trying to act bigger than they are. Reputable web hosts will be just fine with telling you about problems on their hardware or within their data streams. Why are they so forward with this information? Because these kinds of companies will also be informing you of how they plan to fix the problem and an ETA on a solution.

5. Your Web Host Is Unable To Expand Its Level Of Services With The Newest And Greatest Third Party Apps

There are always new apps that are coming out on the market. Your web host needs to be able to expand into the use of these apps seamlessly. If it cannot, then you have a reason to move.

You may find resistance if you try to add third party apps to your UI without permission; however, there should be a minimum of this. The great web hosting platforms will always be able to work out a solution so that you can expand your functionality and keep the server hardware as safe as it possibly can be.

6. Your UX Makes It Difficult To Make Changes To Your Web Page On Your Own Without A Great Deal Of Professional Help

In the modern business landscape, you need to be able to make basic changes to your user interface in house. There is simply not enough time in the day to call up your web hosting service provider for every little problem that you have. Your competition will quickly outpace you if this is the case, and you will quickly become frustrated with the amount of time that you have to spend on the phone instead of at business.

You want an easy to follow user interface that is intuitive to at least one person in your employ. As long as this is the case, then you will be light years ahead of most companies who are always relying on the customer service aspect of their web host, a practice that can become very quickly inefficient.

Switching your web hosting platform does not have to be a hassle. As a matter of fact, the job is easy once you realize that you are going to be paid back in spades when you take control of your new services and better customer response. Remember that when you switch web host platforms, you are literally switching your distribution. This is a long-term relationship with a web hosting company, so make sure that you treat it as such.